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Conserve energy and create a comfortable environment with your revolving door

Keeping your revolving door properly maintained has a significant impact on your lobby's temperature and creates a more comfortable environment. Call us today for a free maintenance or replacement quote!

Don’t let the harsh New England winters ruin your revolving doors

The cold, harsh truth is New England winters can be pretty brutal and the constant exposure to the elements and rock salt can ruin your business's revolving doors.

This doesn't bode well at all for your business, your energy expenses, and more importantly, for your customers or clients. Be sure to have routine maintenance and service done semi-annually on your revolving doors.

Your accountant will praise you, your customers will definitely appreciate it, and your business will continue running smoothly and comfortably.

Don't wait for winter, have your revolving doors maintained today

It's best to have your revolving doors maintained while the weather is still decent. You don't want to wait until the winter storms have begun to sweep through to ruin your revolving doors further. 

Take care of the small problems now before they become big expenses! Call Hub Glass Services, Inc today and get a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE today!

Our trained personnel will perform the following services:

  • Grease all exposed fittings
  • Inspect top and bottom hangers
  • Lubricate lock cylinders with liquid graphite
  • Check RPMs on revolver (10-12 RPM optimum)
  • Grease pivot bearings and inspect for unusual wear
  • Check door locks to see that they are functioning properly
  • Check speed control box oil level (add oil if needed and adjust)
  • Remove door wings from hangers and grease hanger bearings
  • Inspect all weathersweeps for over-wear and excessive air infiltration

Hub Glass is well-versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code for contract jobs. We also provide renovations to existing openings requiring ADA approval.

revolving door maintenance and installation | Somerville, MA | Hub Glass Services, Inc. | 617-625-6661

Don’t let your revolving doors go unchecked!
Call Hub Glass Services, Inc. today!


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