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Lower your energy bill with new dual-pane windows today! Call for a free quote!

Your business's old windows aren't helping you save on expenses, nor do they help draw customers or clients in. Replace those old, drafty windows with new ones and reap many rewards!


Enhance your business's curb appeal and reduce your energy expenses

Not only will new windows will enhance the curb appeal and beauty of your business storefront, but it will also help reduce the cost of your energy use.

Many of the older windows lack tints or coating and are single-pane. Maintaining older windows gets to be rather expensive, including maintaining their frames. Wood frames are quite pricey to maintain, as well.

This increases your energy cost due to summer heat seeping in, forcing the central cooling system to run more frequently in a strained effort at keeping your place of business at a constant, maintained, comfortable temperature.

When the winter months arrive, the ambient heat escapes, forcing the heating system to run more frequently so, again, your business is maintains a constant and comfortable temperature.

Not only are you soon going to be forking over the expense to replace the old, drafty windows, but you'll also be paying high expenses to have your heating and cooling systems maintained and / or repaired due to the excessive use.

Improve your storefront while reaping numerous cost-saving benefits

Dual panes, new windows, and other noise dampening and energy-conserving features will immediately lower your energy costs during the cooling and heating seasons, reduce the excessive use of your heating and cooling systems, improve your level of comfort, and create a quieter environment.

  • Showcase glass
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Contract glazing and storefronts
  • Storefront installations and repairs 
  • Window and door repairs and hardware
  • Skylite caulking and glass replacement
  • Laminated glass, tempered glass, Plexiglas and mirror
  • Glass installation and replacement on high-rise buildings

If your business has a need for glass railings throughout and around escalators or up on a second floor to provide safety while also creating a beautiful aesthetic for your customers or clients, give Hub Glass Services a call.

You want a leader in the contract glazing industry, which is why you need to give us a call today.  

Our experienced estimators are on hand to provide you with a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE and when you're ready to begin, they will take the job from blueprints to “Grand Opening.”

Whether it’s a tenant fit up for Fleet Bank executive offices or an entrance for a storefront on Main Street, the finished product is always a professional job.

Let us help you reduce your energy costs affordably!


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